¡Hola! My name is Kathleen Ledan. Many may know me as Kathleen Herles or Dora the Explorer. At the age of seven, I landed a role as the voice of Dora on Nick Jr’s, Dora The Explorer. After 11 years, I journeyed on to a new adventure; college. 

Throughout college and my early years of adulthood, I found it very difficult to know what career I wanted to pursue. I wasn’t landing roles in Voice Acting/Acting and I wanted a steady income so I got a job in the corporate world and quickly moved up the ladder. Still, I felt something was missing. 

 I prayed for months for direction, for God to open and close doors. Suddenly, the pandemic hit, and I lost my job. I became very active in trying to find another path in my career. I applied to as many job listings as I could find, I started auditioning for voice-overs, and I began to pursue opening an online clothing boutique. Starting an online clothing boutique was something I dreamed about but never had the time to do it. 

Now I have the time! So, here I go! 

 As an apostolic Christian, dressing modestly is not something new, but different to many. I have learned a lot about my identity in Christ and how I reflect His Holiness by how I dress... and it's beautiful to me and it always sounded so royal. In every outfit, I want to feel royal. To me feeling royal means feeling confident, comfort, joy, and fearlessness. However, I quickly learned it's not just a feeling. It's a mindset.  

 Whether you dress modestly or not, know that God sees you as royalty and I see you as royalty. YOU are beautiful. BE confident in your body. YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made!

 Thank you for joining me on this journey! I will strive to help fill your closets with versatile pieces that can help you also dress royally minded. 


P.S. I am still job searching so keep me in your prayers. 

ALSO! Special shoutout to God, my family & friends, and to this lovely girl Rebecca who helped me make this happen!